What is Tec Industry Systems?

A user-friendly cloud based approach in a centralized cloud based filing system. This ensures that all staff records associated to the person are accessible in an easy to navigate format. Improving administration functions and minimizing unnecessary time wasted or additional paperwork.

Why does your business need this system?

The system was developed from experience in the industry and difficulties that are faced by many different sectors. The fact of the matter remains that having remote sites / offices / projects create a common black hole of information flow, this negatively impacts your business and your service delivery.

What are the effects?

Companies lose millions every year purely due to maladministration of staff records, documentation and or compliance. Due to the increased requirements of both the POPI Act and the OSH Act (Occupational safety and health) compliance becomes critical to the company and the client. With that need, comes additional administration of documentation control and this relies heavily on people and their skill in record keeping (Which in every business always lands up being an afterthought).

Proactive vs re-active management and control is a make or break part of business. Having unexpected surprises due to a missing document or an expired certificate costs your company more than you realise and can have potential reputational and professional damage due to perception. Starting a new project or site and having staff standing idle due to an expired documentation costs time and money.


Standardisation is a corner stone of any business functionality, this is the reason franchises do so well. Proactive management breeds success, professionalism and optimised productivity. This is what we have created for your business; a platform to standardise your staff documentation. A mechanism to proactively plan and co-ordinate your certification and training requirements. Optimised productivity of your staff / sites / offices means your staff will be able to focus on their work at hand and not on firefighting because someone forgot to check when certificates expire. Your client will see professionalism in the way records are kept, documentation at your fingertips and down time is reduced.

Information is managed and restricted preventing sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorised individuals. Dashboard analytics allows managers to proactively manage staff and staff administration.

Functions of Tec Systems

  • All relevant documentation except financial documentation for each staff member is stored under their profile

  • Certification / Training is recorded accurately and with manageable reporting systems notifying of expiring documentation. This allows an accurate build-up of a training matrix.

  • POPI Act assurance - username and password restricted - only the people who need access will get access

  • PPE issue records - minimize PPE wastage / theft accurately control issue of PPE reducing misappropriation costs and equipment.

  • Asset issue records - what tract equipment was issued out and to whom. Minimize theft or misappropriation of equipment.

  • Medical certification that highlights and warns of expiry dates well in advance.

  • Keep detailed notes of staff regarding discussions or performance

  • Analytics of certification and medical requirements

Benefits of Tec Systems

  • Cloud based - remotely accessible

  • Secure - you control who gets access

  • Record retention period - simple and easy way of keeping all records associated to staff

  • Environmentally friendly - no need for multiple copies of documentation

  • Filing - Improved administration.

  • Compliance - ensuring all required compliance is adhered to - at a glance you can see that staff have all minimum requirements checked.

  • Efficiency - No more repeating of documentation and paperwork allowing staff to do work more efficiently as they will not have to repeat documentation

  • Cost reduction due to less standing time

  • Improved processing time of staff movements

  • Control Staff attrition better

  • Less theft / stock loss of PPE and Equipment

  • Ability to monitor and co-ordinate Legal appointments

  • Improved department of labour audits

  • 100% local to South Africa


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