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South Africa is in trying times now with the event of the Covid 19 (Corona Virus) but we have a way of shining bright when the times are at the darkest. 

Our team has worked extremely hard to develop a number of solutions to dry fog your facilities effectively and safely - we offer an automated fogging system, a manual fogging service, purchase of the equipment and a vehicle disinifection fogger kit.  

Our dry fog method kills up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, germ, spores & algae it comes into contact with, helping limit exposure during this pandemic.

daily disinfection through innovative DRY Fog TECHNOLOGY 

Our team have developed and created the perfect dry fogging solutions to reduce the daily risk of pathogens in the works space & public spaces. 

We have automated our Vaporized Chemical Disinfection method into a system that can be installed into any indoor facility- commercial or private. The system will automatically run after-hours disinfecting the facility and everything within it, giving your business a restart the next day with a virus and pathogen free environment. (Patent pending.) 

Additionally the automatic fogging system also disinfects your air conditioning system, further reducing the risk of cross contamination for your staff, clients and your peace of mind. 

This is the most effect & cost sensitive whole room disinfection system available. There is no reason for your business to be none compliant due to all the additional requirements needed to keep your staff safe.


Vehicle Fogger Covid 19 Disinfection

Our 400W Thermal Fogger for vehicles is the perfect solution for your personal car fogging or commercial fleet fogging needs!

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Manual FogGING

Looking to build your own solution? No problem! Contact us for a comprehensive price on our other electric fogger option - the 1000W ULV Cold Fog Machine - our pick for the best indoor fogger in South Africa for commercial use, home fogging services and warehouse disinfection.

Quotations include the fogging machine, the disinfecting chemical available in 5 litres or 20 litres and the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE.)  

Information on portable petrol backpack foggers and thermal fogger cannons  available on request! 

Emergency response team 

Have a company that isn't looking for something, right now? Yet you still want the peace of mind knowing that if something does come up you can get professional and efficient services in a short time frame? 

Look no further! Register with us for the COVID-19 emergency response service at NO COST and when something happens or you're feeling a little uneasy we will make arrangements to send a team out to disinfect your facility within 48 hours.  (It's normally same day though!) 


we will cater our services around your business operations

We cater our fogging services either before or after standard working hours in order for you to best maximize your working hours without being effected. However the block booking services in advanced is best advised as we can provide daily disinfection for your home or business. Standard Office hours service is also available.

What areas can be disinfected?

Any indoor area can be disinfect by this method however the volume does play a role in the duration and quantity of machines we require to disinfect the area. Examples of potential indoor spaces but not limited too:

- Homes                    - Offices                - Toilets               - Gyms              - Warehouses            - Stores 

- Workshops             - Garages              - Elevators           - Schools          - Squash Courts         - Cinemas

- Any vehicle            - Churches             - Shelters             - Hotels            - B&B's                       - Restaurants 

- Petrol Stations       - Factories             - Hospitals           - Clinics           

our FOGGING team hard at work

we are here to help mzansi - please see helpful information that your business needs to know during this pandemic

Gauteng Provincial Government  


Recommendation for businesses & individuals

World Health 



International Recommendations for Masks

Lock Down

Levels Per 


See what level your company falls under. So you can prepare

Disinfectants for Use Against


Link  to a list that gives the type of chemicals which are effective

Risk Adjusted Strategy Regluations

Government Published

29 April 2020

Covid-19 OSH Measures in Workplace

Government Published

29 April 2020 

What your company needs to do to be compliant with OSH

TEC Innovative 

Covid-19 Solutions

Our Team as put together a multitude of various covid_19 Solutions & Packages

SA Covid-19 Official Website

The office SA Covid-19 Webpage, for the most up to date information on the pandemic

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